Small Inground Pool In Backyard

Small Inground Pool In Backyard – 11 Ways to Create a Small Pool in Your Backyard Get inspired and transform your outdoor space with one of these great water features.

If you’ve dreamed of having your own pool, but don’t have enough space – think again. Even large backyards can benefit from water features, especially ones that are unique, compact and user-friendly. There are many small pool ideas to choose from, from the most expensive inground pools to more affordable custom in-ground, sprinkler, and tank designs. Whichever pool you choose, be sure to combine style with functionality. A pool that isn’t intended for a relaxing vacation can be more maintenance than it’s worth. These 11 small pool ideas prove that good design is the key to success, so read on for smart tips that might work for you.

Small Inground Pool In Backyard

Small Inground Pool In Backyard

An asymmetrical pool creates a sense of hidden depth. The blue color in the pool enhances the deep color of the water. Combined with a floating wooden deck that floats above the pool to provide seating areas and elevated walkways. Relax on the sofa or use for after-hours entertainment. Finish the pool with flawless blue granite tiles. While luxury pools like these can be expensive to install, the benefits can outweigh the costs if done right.

Small Inground Pools

Turn your secret garden into a water feature. The pool itself is comfortable and has a narrow stone deck. Stone steps lead down to the lake where you can immerse yourself in this private paradise. Add mystery and shade to a small pool by planting the right plants: bananas, palms and ferns for a tropical look and feel.

Surrounded by a turquoise shower, this elegant poolside design gives the impression of an overflowing sink. But look closely, and it’s a distinct sign of trompe l’oeil engineering and architecture. The turquoise faucet fills the water while tall spigots pour fresh streams. Sit, ride and be the flow.

When it comes to small pool ideas for a narrow backyard, check this out! In this Key West home, the pint-sized river turns the back deck into a small oasis. Located directly outside the lower windows, this small pool also heats the house and provides a clear view. To beat the heat, slip it into water for a quick dip before eating.

Lie under the stars or enjoy the first light of dawn in a safari-inspired pool. Convenience and cost are both guaranteed here. The gently sloping rectangular pool is large enough for one or two people and is surrounded by a dark brown wooden terrace. Most importantly, the pool seems to float on the edge of the entire desert.

Small Swimming Pool Designs

Natural rock has its own beauty, so if you live in an area rich in stone, marble and other stones, surround your pool with a raised, rough wall. The contrast between the unfinished stone wall, pure white that matches the exterior of the bathroom, and the clear water gives this hidden pool a castle-like atmosphere. Outside the walls there are many plants and flowers, so you feel protected and surrounded by nature at the same time.

There is something sacred about a circular pool. It gives us a sense of unity, balance, purity and eternity. If you have a small, open backyard, consider filling it with a large round pool, equipped with sparkling tubs and surrounded by brick walls. Add some flowering plants and a chair and it will be a nice place to hang your feet and read on a hot summer day.

The swimming pool is fun for the whole family. Not a chance? Enter a narrow, rectangular, floating pool with a wraparound deck. This makes it easy to cover in winter or when not in use. A tall white fence with bamboo stands will keep your family gatherings private and safe. And to reiterate: Always supervise the pool when children are present.

Small Inground Pool In Backyard

If you live close to your neighbors, a small pool can give you a sense of privacy and your own luxury. And it’s definitely easier (and easier to clean) than a community pool. This solid backyard has been replaced by a blue skylight surrounded by a low wooden fence. A few planters, garden benches and a bench are all you need for a sweet, safe place for children and adults to play.

Swimming Pool Ideas For A Small Backyard

The best pool ideas have the right features. Proportion also helps, as you can see in the stone-sized backyard pool. Clear horizontal lines of the small rectangular pool, just big enough for two people to relax and take a dip. The turquoise water contrasts with the gray floors, the wooden bar and the overall minimal design.

You don’t need to install a special pool to use many summer features. Your kids (and adults too) will love it when you make room for a floating pool or water tank in the backyard. Go for simple colors, like white and turquoise, and surround your pool with plants. An investment for wonderful memories in the making.

If you have the money to hire a handyman for all the family problems, go for it. But if you want to secure your cash and practice confidence, check out these smart products to solve a million and one small problems at home. Go now!

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