Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

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Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

Pantry doors are often hidden in kitchens, placed in awkward corners and rarely thought of. But what if pantry doors looked as good as the rest of your kitchen instead of being an afterthought? It may be time to give your pantry a makeover. Keep reading to see 21 of our favorite barn door ideas.

Pantry Door Ideas To Optimize Your Kitchen’s Potential

A pantry door is an easy-to-install pantry door option that doesn’t take up valuable kitchen space. They are perfect for narrow storage areas or cottage or farmhouse kitchens. But if you’re looking for an option that’s not too fancy, opt for a less ornate and minimalist pantry.

For a storage door that can be opened remotely, use options such as a storage door or a pocket door. These narrow doors are perfect for busy hallways or corridors. To make the door stand out, give it stylish fittings that match the rest of your kitchen.

A favorite among craftsman homes everywhere, pocket doors are the ideal small space solution for tight corners. Discreet and simple, these doors work with almost any kitchen style, making them the perfect storage option.

Glass doors are the middle ground between a solid door and the lack of a door. You can still look at the contents of the vault inside, but it’s not

Store More With These Door Storage Ideas

Looking for something more modern than glass? Try frosted glass. Frosted glass can blend in with the rest of your kitchen and at the same time give your kitchen a modern, minimalist look.

Of course, you can always leave the pantry door completely off for a more open look. For the best look, make sure the interior of your pantry is stylish and organized, and paint the kitchen shelves the same color as your cabinets.

To make this (missing) pantry door stand out, add some extra trim around the door for more character.

Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

A unique barn door look can be found in solid black doors that are as spacious as they are flexible. Black doors can fit into almost any kitchen, and they easily hide stains and dirt.

Best Pantry Door Ideas That Are Exciting In 2022

If your kitchen is upstairs and competing for space with your attic or roof, get creative with pantry doors. You don’t need to use a full-length door, especially if your pantry isn’t a hallway. Instead, choose a shorter door that fits better in an already narrow room.

Looking for an easy upgrade to an existing barn door? All you have to do is buy new hardware. Choose a handle that complements your existing kitchen equipment and don’t be afraid to go a little more advanced – add style where it counts.

Untreated (or barely treated) pine or oak can make a beautiful rustic barn door. If you’re looking for a pantry door for your country kitchen or cottage, this style is a no-brainer and can easily be painted later if you want a different look.

Another excellent look for the barn door? One that is built into the kitchen cabinet. Offering a seamless and visually interesting look, built-in pantry doors are a great option for smaller pantries and kitchens that require a more creative approach to space.

Best Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

The outside of your barn door may be ready to go, but don’t forget to use the inside as well. The inside of the pantry door is a perfect place for narrow shelves to store bottles, jars and cans, or it can be used to store cleaning supplies or extra containers.

Go one step beyond chrome and steel door handles – try glass. This fun, vintage hardware adds a unique touch to an often forgotten part of the kitchen. Pair them with brass accents for best effect.

For a stylish and trendy look, choose a tall and narrow pantry door with glass panes. These beautiful doors are a kitchen feature in themselves and are a great way to showcase wallpaper or colorful shelves in a pantry interior.

Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

Another unique storage door idea is the round door. Round doors bring a beautiful and vintage style, and their circular shape makes them stand out in a room full of rectangles and squares.

Pantry Organization Ideas For Space Kitchen Cabinets & Closets

Dark colors are useless for a small and compact kitchen. In tight spaces like those, it’s better to use light and pleasant colors, and the barn door is no exception. For a storage door in a small room, use a wood that is difficult to stain or has a lighter color.

If you want a pantry for your space but don’t have one, try a freestanding pantry. Whether built or bought, these storage solutions offer style and space for a room that always needs more of both.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind barn door, hit the flea market or antique store! A vintage or historic door is a great choice for a pantry, especially if it’s covered with ornate details or weathered in all the right places.

Sometimes a simple white kitchen door is all your space really needs, especially if it’s already too small or visually cluttered. But to keep it looking its best, keep it clean and give it a fresh coat of paint every few years.

How To Build A Pantry

Are you looking for a pantry door with a small space that can also display the contents of your pantry? Try a French pocket door. These entrance and exit doors have French door glass without taking up much space.

Another great way to show off a barn door is to frame it with extensive painted trim. Paint the trim in the same shade as your wall color and you’ll get a vintage look. Pantry door ideas are not at the top of the kitchen remodeling list. However, kitchen syrups are known for their practical function. Doors provide internal protection that keeps your dry and perishable goods while adding an element of style to your kitchen space.

A pantry door helps organize your kitchen. With the time you spend in your kitchen, you will have the best pantry style for your home. Here we show you some pantry door ideas to inspire your next kitchen renovation.

Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

Storage doors and pocket doors are practical. Doors give your home a modern touch. If you are considering installing a new barn door, you need to decide which way it should open.

Pantry Organization Ideas And Tricks

A pantry is a practical addition to the home. It is important to start with a good design to get the most out of your pantry.

It is useful if you plan to build a new warehouse or if you want to redesign an existing warehouse. This will help you decide what kind of internal storage to prioritize based on your habits and needs.

If you already have a warehouse, check if it has the best location. You may find that your current inventory is in an inappropriate location.

A pantry does not have to be large to be functional. You need enough space between the storage spaces to move freely. If possible, make an aisle between 42 inches and 48 inches wide so that two people can enter at the same time.

Genius Ideas For Building A Pantry

Storage shelves should not be too deep so you can reach things behind. A depth of 14 inches is sufficient and 16 inches is the maximum. The space between the storage shelves is often wasted, so make room for larger items.

A dimly lit warehouse interior makes it difficult to find goods. It is also easier to keep a well-lit pantry clean and tidy.

A glass pantry door is one thing, but a frosted glass door is another. With a frosted glass pantry door, the kitchen gains visual appeal when you choose a frosted glass pantry door. This style of glass allows you to see inside, but obscures the details and hides the contents inside the warehouse. For more inspiration, check out thriftydecorchick.

Pantry Door Ideas For Small Spaces

Barn doors make lovely barn doors, but it’s not about sliding doors that look cool. The color of the barn doors shows the atmosphere in the farmhouses. This idea comes from designingvibes where you can find more details about this pantry door style.

Pantry Ideas: 36 Stylish Pantry Design Ideas |

Another option is a screen door. Build one from scratch or modify an existing door. The screen element in this version with internal defects occupies only half of the door and secures it.

A small barn door needs a special design to stand out. This antique example can be the central element of a modern kitchen. Check out the details at Little Beach.

Sliding doors for storage are very beautiful and suitable as storage doors. They help save space and are easy to build. The forward sliding mechanism is a good kitchen element. Paint the door a fun color to add character to your home.

Attaching shelves to the inside of the pantry door creates more storage space. You can build a small unit with shallow shelves deep enough to hold your spices, for example. Details of this project are available at shanty-2-chic.

Smart Pantry Door Ideas

You can

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