Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool

Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool – Lush green garden, elegant design, open windows – this house is part of heaven. Ayut and Associates’ modern take on traditional Thai homes incorporates nature into each home. The 1,500-square-meter villa outside of Bangkok is built with floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for a modern but traditional courtyard filled with lush greenery and a swimming pool. The windows not only bring the beautiful colors of the exterior into almost all the white space, but they also allow that tropical breeze to push through the house and move the hot, humid air. So take a trip, imagine a cool tropical drink in your hand as you make it and enjoy this luxurious tropical oasis.

Pack your bags, you are moving! Just kidding – but once you see this amazing layout, how each window has a beautiful view and the great materials used in this house, we guarantee you will fly to Bangkok. From here you can see the huge windows that take advantage of the back garden in this dream.

Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool

Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool

You can see during the day how these soft lines and colors play together wonderfully. The red pool on the right stands against the orange tiles and the white window in the center really helps the eyes. Ambesonne Spa Tapestry, Indoor Swimming Pool Of A Modern House Window Residential Interior Design, Wide Wall Hanging For Bedroom Living Room Dorm, 80

The living space is not spacious but open to the outside. Sliding windows allow for indoor-outdoor space, this hybrid, so Chinese and Thai homes are typical. It adds a sensual sequel and takes away from some of the more modern aspects of the living space.

See the sunshine together! The light reflects off the pool and moves directly into the living room, illuminating the space with warm natural sunlight and bringing greenery inside. The open floor plan is shaped by these aspects, almost acting as a central wall or accent. In other families.

From this angle you can also see if the space is clear and white. The large beautiful windows (open or closed) bring out all the colors of the exterior so many colors are not necessary.

The way the rays filter through the branches and leave the pattern on the bed and the white floor is a perfect example of why this white work works. White does not disturb the beauty of the exterior and allows nature to flow into the air without overpowering the design. The rest.

Spectacular Modern House With Courtyard Swimming Pool

Living in a cozy place that allows windows to open all year round is a dream. Discover this magnificent courtyard that plays on traditional Chinese home design techniques while incorporating modern luxury. These large windows on either side of the living space allow you to see to the other side of the house and perfectly connect the house with the outside.

This floating ladder is amazing! Not only is it a great tree, but you can run into the pool above.

This view makes you feel like you are in a wooden house, looking out among the wooden tops. Actually it is just your yard, but in this house it definitely feels like a kingdom.

Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool

You do not like steaming in the pool? This bathroom is a model of luxury and you will feel like you are bathing outside without all the hassle. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Incredible Modern Design Ideas Of House Plans With 3 Bedrooms

The patio roof is amazing. The red color makes the blue pool look great and cuts through its edges for plants like that tree.

Just because the sun is setting does not mean that you can not enjoy the view that this house has to offer. At night the whole house is lit up white and illuminates the pool and all the lush greenery.

After all, if you live in a villa like this, you need your own nice parking space. Well, this parking lot is the last place. The rest of the house design is incorporated here with polished glass and tiles.

Appreciate your trip from the living room. If you have a house, these beautiful windows and full lengths that allow you to sneak into some of the peaks in your car are definitely a luxury you will enjoy.

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The front of the house is darker than the back, but the natural stone – despite all the rough lines – looks like it emerged from a stone bed in a lush forest.

During the day or night, the stunning angles of the house face the sky – still reflecting its color.

Aligning the entrance to your home with plants is a great way to make everyone feel inviting. In addition, in this space, the plants bring the forest around the door, which shows the magic of the other side.

Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool

From above you can see how this whole house was carefully constructed. Every detail has been figured out and they have really tried to expand on how they can bring it out.

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Share it on any of the social media channels below to give us your vote. Your feedback helps us improve. Engineers and architects are responsible for creating home plans. But nothing prevents you from seeking advice to make sure your project is exactly what you always dreamed of. In today’s post you will see 60 different patterns. Free 3 bedroom project.

After all, a three-bedroom house is simple, but it is also a luxury. It can be a one-story house or a house with a suite and cabinets with a garage, with a total kitchen, countless possibilities, and everything depends on your budget and the style you want to give the house in the future. Yours.

Examine each one carefully and show it to the experts who will manage your project. In total, we have selected three options: three-bedroom and one-story house plans, three-bedroom and two-story house plans, and three-bedroom apartment projects:

Large rectangular land allowed for the construction of spacious houses and well-located rooms. At the right entrance, a living room with a balcony gives access to the kitchen. The room behind the first two rooms has a shared bathroom. Two bedrooms have a large suite and closet, and for closure there is a balcony overlooking the pool.

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In this plant, the surroundings are not included. The kitchen, the first room in the house, is accessed through a door. Another door gives access to the room, but the room without the suite is at the back of the house.

In this apartment project, every room has a balcony. One is exclusive for the suite and the other is separated between the two rooms. The kitchen and service area are combined but separate from the dining room and living room. The bathroom next to the dining room serves all the occupants of the house. Architecture firm A-D Lab designed the 6997sqft Andrew Road home, built on a sloping site as a shelter for the homeowner and his parents. Located in the Caldecott area of ​​central Singapore, where a floor is higher than a house with a street level, Andrew House takes advantage of this “sink” project, not only to present a first floor plan, but also a lower level. Also. Private courtyard and its swimming pool. Creating a house with two three-story sections on either side and covered by a green-roofed social area, the house looks more medium-sized to the surrounding area.

Each house on the street has a second floor entrance, and Andrew Road is no exception. The driveway leads in front of the entrance, which covers the parking lot on one side and the walkway on the other. The part covered by the white surround and the dark wood underside creates a dynamic geometric display with long linear lights in the carport section and round pots in the walkway. A vertical grid at the bottom of the covered walkway provides the top to the bottom courtyard.

Modern House Plans With Swimming Pool

The walkway that covers the porch is even more spectacular from the garden side. Covered by a green roof, the vertical part provides saturated green grass on its vertical part, the angle and the low-growing trees on the horizontal slope. Both angles show a folded image of the earth playing with other angles that fill the structural layer of the building.

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Continuing through the garden – or green roof – leads to the social area under the stairs. Low trees limit falls to the lower courtyard, and a glass rail system that provides safety against falls while serving as a sculptural feature for landscaping.

From a distance, the landscape seems to continue through the gaps created by the lower courtyard, while the raised part of the grass reduces the height.

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