Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door

Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door – Is there a door problem in your house? You know, the kind of problem where you have a small space and you open a door into (or out of) that small space and do some awkward maneuvering? I love that our bedroom has an attached bathroom, but the small space to walk in and swing the door to the already small space has been frustrating since day one of living there. When we moved in my mom suggested we fix the problem with a sliding door, but I didn’t really know what that would look like. It was the most expensive repair we wanted to do.

When I saw the sliding door we installed in the studio to solve the same problem, I was annoyed by the shape of the door. The problem with that door is that it just swung and stuck in the living room when it was open (as you can see in the pictures above and behind). It’s very difficult. A sliding door instead of a swing makes sense and doesn’t take up any space in a small bathroom or a youth kitchen. Problem solved!

Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door

Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door

When I saw that the studio problem was quickly solved with the new door setup, I knew it was the perfect setup to solve my door problem. Now, another door solution for small spaces is the pocket door, but they slide into the wall instead of the wall. So they are very expensive because a builder is needed to open the wall and install them. I wanted to use the hardware we used on the studio door, but I needed an actual door to hang the hardware on (duh!). The simple ones I like were around $400. a lot. So I hired Josh to build a door I designed with vertical and horizontal lines, and of course, he nailed it and built it for very little money! Tell us your secrets, Josh!

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Hello! Josh is here. The real secret of this door construction is that it is easy and cheap to make. A similar looking door can cost anywhere from 800-1000 bucks (I emphasize because some things are naturally more expensive.) This door is about $80!

The first thing we did was make a plan, and that’s a good place to start. Laura’s door was too small, so the door ended up being only 29″ wide and 93″ long. The door was wide enough to cover both sides of the molding when closed (according to your plans.) Don’t forget you can adjust to fit your opening and space!

Once we’ve come up with a plan, it’s time to cut wood (or make sawdust, as I’ve heard of the old-fashioned remedies). I cut the plywood to the size we needed (29″ x 93″). In order to get the planks the size we wanted, I had to rip them to 3 1/4″ wide. After everything is ripped, I cut them to the desired length, and sand them.

After everything was cut and the edges were sanded, I placed all the planks on the plywood to make sure they all fit together perfectly. Then it was just a matter of gluing and nailing everything in place. I started with horizontal planks. Then go straight down, making sure to push the pieces firmly into each other. I used 1.25″ 18 gauge galvanized nails.

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After gluing and nailing everything, I filled all the nail holes and other imperfections in the wood. After the filler was dry, I sanded everything with 120 grit sandpaper, then up to 220. As I was painting the door, I wanted to make the surface as seamless as possible…so you wouldn’t be able to tell they were made of wood.

To attach the door handle, I drilled a few holes in the back of the door, inserted screws from the front, attached the screws to the handle, and filled the screw holes with wood filler.

At this point, all that’s left to do is tape and paint. I used painters tape with an edge lock. It costs a few bucks more, but you can tell the difference! I glued all the edges firmly, then applied 3 coats of each color, sanding lightly between each coat. And that’s it! It all took about a day to do. The longest step is painting.

Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door

To install the door on the wall, follow the instructions that come with the hardware. The process will vary depending on which hardware you go with, so be sure to choose hardware that has an easy installation process for you (or you can always have a professional install the part and focus on your door).

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Didn’t Josh do such a good job? Collaboration! As you can see above I made the inside handle from a 1/2″ piece of quarter round that was cut to 7″ long, painted white and attached to the door. My husband wanted a really low profile inside the handle so we could open the door all the way (it’s a very narrow door, so you need all the width you can get), and this was the perfect solution.

This sliding door has made a huge difference in our bathroom, and it’s felt great since we moved in. Plus, I love the character it adds to the side of the room on the wall, and the stripes are fun not to like. Do you have an ugly door that you need to change to a sliding door? no. Laura

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Choosing a bathroom door is never the most exciting part of remodeling, but it is still an important decision.

Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Think about it – doors are a permanent fixture in your home. So while you might change the paint color or shower curtain every few years, you probably won’t be out the door.

If you have a small bathroom and want it to look bigger, avoid dark or overly gaudy doors. Instead, try a frosted glass option like this one.

This is one of the best doors for small bathrooms. It has high quality pine wood with opaque glass. As a result, it gives a sense of openness without letting anyone see.

Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door

It doesn’t get much more farmhouse than a sliding wooden door. If you’re looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced option, this sliding toilet door from Wayfair fits the bill.

Unconventional Alternatives To The Bathroom Door

The door comes in three finishes: light grey, smoke gray and dark walnut. In addition, it comes in three different widths ranging from 28-42 inches wide. It can be cut and all hardware is included.

French doors are perfect for connecting the large master bedroom and bathroom. You often see these doors in stylish homes. However, in this case, these modern French doors are perfect for anyone who likes a modern feel.

These doors open easily and come in different sizes. The wood provides the perfect warmth, while the aluminum finish provides a cool, modern contrast.

If you find that your home decor style is changing, one of the smartest moves you can make is to choose timeless pieces. And since most of us don’t need to change the doors of our house regularly, they are suitable for a classic style.

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This door from Wayfair is a simple door with solid wood panels. High quality, but its design is timeless and fits any style.

If you need a door for your bathroom closet or small bathroom and don’t have room to open a full-size door, try doubling up.

Bifold doors take up less space than traditional doors and are usually less expensive. You can find these doors in different colors and sizes. This one from Home Depot has diameters from 24 – 36 inches.

Ideas For Narrow Bathroom Door

Paneled doors are very popular in the United States, and perhaps, the six-panel door is as prominent as it gets. I can’t think of a house built in the last 30 years that doesn’t have a variation of this door style.

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So if you like the traditional look, this is a safe option. This door from Wayfair is unfinished, so you can paint it, stain it, or leave it as is.

Are you looking for a door to add beauty and warmth to your home? Made of solid alder wood, this door is an attractive choice.

This bathroom door design features warm, natural wood panels and will bring texture to any room. This door is perfect for farmhouse, rustic and country style bathrooms.

If you are in a place that likes a modern mix

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