Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020 – Adding a half bath to a home is one of the most common requests I receive. Of course people want to increase the value of their homes, but what most of my clients really want is a bathroom that fits their guests but doesn’t compromise privacy. (Who wants their friends to see dirty clothes and prescription bottles?)

Here are some tips on how to measure a half bath and the best place to put it in your home.

Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

Depending on the style of your home, there are a number of ways you can add a half bath by making space out of your existing floor plan. What I have presented here are three options that have worked for my clients: a bathroom tucked under the stairs, one carved out of a garage, and one attached to an upstairs bedroom.

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Other solutions I’ve used include putting a large storage closet in the half bathroom and dividing the main bathroom into a half bath and a smaller full bath.

Wherever you decide to put it, there are a few important things to keep in mind when planning this classic remodeling project.

A half bathroom should at least include a toilet, sink and mirror. It’s best to have an under cabinet or other place to store paper towels, hand towels, and soap, but if space is tight, you can store these items elsewhere.

A half bath should not be large. If you can find a space in your home that is 3-4 feet wide and 6-8 feet wide, you will have plenty of room. If it is less, it will be unsuitable for people to access. A large half bath is unnecessary, and you probably won’t find “extra” unused space in your home.

Half Bath Dimensions And Layout Ideas

Shown: This New Jersey salon is able to capture the look of a hotel in a limited space of 40 square feet.

Obviously, a half bath needs running water as well as drainage and ventilation. For budget reasons, try to place your half bath as close to the existing water and sewer connections as possible. One of the cheapest options is to place it where it can share the wall of the existing bathroom.

In older homes built on foundations or basements, new plumbing lines can easily be placed in the basement below. However, houses built with roof tiles need some hammers and screws to connect the existing pipe lines to the new space, which increases the cost of the project.

Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

Where possible, fixtures, including washers, should be attached to existing pipe lines. The good news is that unused powder rooms have many (and often visually appealing) accessories that you can choose from.

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Current codes require an operable window or exhaust ventilation in each bathroom to properly ventilate the space. Also, electrical outlets should be equipped with a GFI circuit, which provides additional shock protection in wet areas of the home. These requirements are addressed in older homes that may not have modern electrical or air conditioning systems.

Featured: A ceiling fan makes the bathroom more comfortable and classy. Several companies, including Broan-NuTone, offer light/flush combos that can be useful in a small bathroom.

Adequate soundproofing is an important concern for any bathroom, but it’s especially important for a half bath near a living or dining area where you might be hosting guests. This can be done inexpensively by adding sound insulation to the general wall or by wrapping water pipes, valves, and drains with sound absorbing equipment before closing the walls.

Featured: Located on a staircase between two floors, this bathroom is the centerpiece of the structure, but it also shows why noise is important when living spaces are close.

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Many people prefer to enter and exit the bathroom with a degree of privacy. If possible, locate the shower door halfway so that it is not directly visible to nearby areas, or keep it closed so that guests can walk in discreetly. You may be able to solve this problem easily with a strategically placed mirror or room divider, or by rearranging the furniture in an adjacent room so that the chair faces the door.

Shown: A hallway is an ideal space for a half bath because guests can get in and out discreetly.

Decorating a small or narrow bathroom with storage and light and providing a little arrangement can be a real challenge. Robern’s M Series Corner Cabinet (shown) helps you meet the challenge. This modern version of the traditional medicine cabinet fits perfectly into any 90 degree corner to save space. A pair can be used at both ends of the production wall.

Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

It has a full-length mirror, adjustable glass shelves and incandescent or halogen lighting. Measuring up to 40″ high and 20″ wide, the all aluminum cabinet works in the master bath as well as the powder room.

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This option uses an area that is often underutilized. For privacy, it works best in homes with covered floors that open to adjacent entertaining areas. The two biggest challenges are creating enough headroom and ventilation.

I recommend at least 5 feet above the bathroom. Check your local code for height requirements and the exhaust vent must be outside. Place the sink or vanity on the highest wall so that the machines do not hit their hands with their heads.

In this example, we were able to cut out a portion of the utility room in the client’s garage to create a half bath that serves the adjacent kitchen as well as the garage and outdoor areas of the home.

Due to the number of doors in the rear, access to the half bathroom is through a sliding pocket door, which solves the problem of doors colliding or unwanted “door traps” caused by the doors being open.

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This is a good option for homes with decking at ceiling level. If the ceiling height of the bedroom is at least 7 feet from the inside edge, and if the width between the walls is at least 5 or 6 feet, you will have a half bath.

If the bedroom is at least 5 feet long, you can even add a bathtub. In this example I put it in a tube and added a drop above to let in some natural light.

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Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

It may be the small bathroom downstairs, but it’s actually the bathroom our family uses the most. It’s the only bathroom downstairs, so we’re in and out all day. It didn’t match the rest of the living area, and when my husband even says the room is a mess – you know it’s time for an update.

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When I started I wasn’t sure what I had planned. I just knew the feeling I wanted the space to have. comfortable yet modern. Fresh, bright and welcoming.

Here’s our little bathroom before we started tearing it apart like it was the day of the Fixer Upper show. I love a good demo day..

Why are there 3 pieces of wood on the wall, you ask? He has no idea. For some reason I thought it would be a good use of some scrap wood from 5 years ago. It just stayed there.

I started with a fresh coat of paint – Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Just this step alone completely changed the room.

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I went with a combination of matte black and bronze for the hardware and accessories. Although I really wanted to go with brass on the faucet, I decided on black. Looking at the other golden lions, they seemed to show smudges and fingerprints easily. Considering how many times we use this sink in a day, the last thing I want to worry about is a messy faucet.

You couldn’t keep gold away from me though, so I mixed it all together and I have to say, I like it better than being one color. And the light on the vanity is a fun modern touch.

The vanity is solid, has soft doors, and is completely assembled in this beautiful gray color. I ordered the table separately – and I love it. It is a white quartz with a gray color.

Half Bath Remodel Ideas 2020

I decided to add this half wall to the ship one day, I feel it was a good decision, it really tied the space together. Not only does it make the room more comfortable, but it also turns a boring wall into a small space.

Diy Half Bath Remodel

Maybe I’ll just sit in this room right now, because I love it so much. I have all the items I used, including the rug, which

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