Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas

Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas – Installing exterior window treatments, such as shutters and window boxes, can beautify your home while adding some practical benefits. In addition to curb appeal (and through flowers and paint colors), shutters and shutters can help cool a home and protect windows from the elements.

See how much curb appeal you can add with 25+ inspiring exterior window treatments – blinds, awnings and more!

Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas

Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas

Blinds can be functional, especially if you live in a high storm area. But decorative shutters are a fairly quick and inexpensive way to decorate your exterior windows. You can buy ready-made blinds in a variety of materials at your local home improvement store, or you can easily make your own! We’ve just shared a tutorial for making cottage-style clapboards and shutters:

Bay Window Shutters

Thrifty Decor Chick shows you how she also made her blinds and window boxes from old fence posts.

The girls at East Coast Creative made their own blinds and a variation of the window box – a shelf with holes!

And hello, amazing blinds! Mandi from Vintage Revivals shows you how to make chevron/herringbone window shutters:

Rustic Sliding Barn Doors | Walbridge Architects at ArchDaily (and the interior of this house is gorgeous!)

Exterior Window Shutters: How To Select, Style, Size, Construction

Awnings usually do double duty, adding curb appeal while filtering sunlight into your home and protecting your windows from the elements. Traditional canvas awnings come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the wooden awning stands out! Exterior window blinds come in four basic types: panels, louvres, boards and batts (sometimes called BnBs), and Bermudas. They are available in a variety of materials including MDF (medium density fibreboard), vinyl, synthetic foam, engineered wood and natural wood. Basswood is the most popular wood for blinds.

Raised blinds look similar to doors or kitchen cabinets, with a single or double raised panel. Because they are low profile, they blend well with almost any style of home, including:

Talk about a charming first impression: This New Orleans home delivers, its front porch lined with picturesque windows and shutters. The blue color of the shutters is the perfect shade to accompany the gray-green exterior of the house.

Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas

Shutters with roller blinds have angled slats that allow air and light to pass through. They have a more defined look than lower panel blinds and work best on homes with an ornate, classic or casual look:

Interior Barn Door Rustic Shutters: Systems & Hardware

French doors with a curved window and framed antique shutters add great curb appeal to a farmhouse style home in Atlanta, Georgia. Boxwood trees in planters and window flower boxes add little pops of color to the whitewashed brick facade.

Board and batten shutters (sometimes you’ll see them as B and B or Bnb) have an old-fashioned, rustic character, thanks to their simple construction. They consist of one to three panels held together by a thin cross panel, which can run horizontally or at an angle across the blinds. Because they have such a distinctive look, they go best with:

Horizontal siding, colorful Bahama shutters, a beautiful wood roof, and decorative wood beams create an island-inspired feel in this Florida home. Tropical foliage enhances the design.

Bahama shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, are louvered shutters, usually attached to the top of the window (rather than the side). They are used to let in light and air, also protect homes from storms and are commonly used in tropical areas. They are beautiful on:

Plantation Shutters: Design Ideas + Inspiration

Blind hardware can be decorative or operational, depending on the installation. The most common are collapses and stalls. Stops are also known as dogs, which are metal (or metallic) devices that prevent shutters from opening and closing.

Red cedar shutters overlaid with 1 x 10 cedar veneer, stained a muted sage shade. The fastener style and paint color were chosen by online voters.

Blinds made of MDF (and usually covered with another material like vinyl) look expensive, but they cost less than other options like wood. However, they do not tolerate water well, and can swell and relax over time.

Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas

Vinyl shutters, the lowest end of the cost scale, are hollow PVC shutters with raw edges, covered with end caps. They have a plastic appearance and tend to turn yellow. They can become difficult to clean over time.

Exterior Window Trim Upgrades

Synthetic foam shutters look like wood but cost less. They are resistant to water and fire and have excellent insulating properties. They are heavier than wood and cannot be painted, but are probably the best option for synthetic blinds.

Artificial wood can be used instead of wood, and due to its rigidity, it is a good candidate for tall or wide blinds. They cost less than wood and come in a variety of colors and shapes. If they are poorly made, the joints can fail over time.

Basswood is currently the most popular wood for shutters, pine and poplar. They can be painted and painted, and are a light and flexible material that makes them good for a variety of designs. However, they are not resistant to moisture and cost more than synthetic blinds. Why we have them, we love them and we look a little bare without them. Window blinds: a brief history

Sometimes we think of exterior shutters as suitable bookends for windows. They frame the window and add character and depth to the front of the house. But if we think about the original purpose of shades – dating back to ancient Greece – to keep out the elements, control light and add privacy, it’s interesting that we still cling to tradition just because we like the look. Today, it can be said that many house styles look “undressed” without blinds.

How To Install Decorative Exterior Shutters » The Money Pit

Historically, shutters were installed on the interior of the house, and the popularity of plantation shutters to this day is testimony to their function and beauty. External shutters became popular in Victorian-era England when houses were built with thinner walls, allowing people to more easily reach over the window opening to open or close the shutters as needed. Louvered shutters, often called “shutters,” allowed air and sunlight to enter the house, while the slats were oriented to repel rain.

Now that you know a little about their history and uses, let’s talk about how to choose the right outdoor blinds to decorate your home.

Blinds should match the style of the house. Even if your shutters are decorative rather than functional, there are three popular styles based on early American architectural design that add an authentic touch to your home.

Exterior Window Shutters Design Ideas

Board and board: the simplicity of blinds made of boards and slats makes them suitable for many building styles. Their rustic design, consisting of long vertical strips of planks braced with horizontal cross braces, was once used in gabled houses for its strong construction and protective capabilities. Today, you’ll find them in barn-style homes, beach cottages, country bungalows, Tudors, mission-style homes, and cottages.

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Integrated: Raised shutters, in the form of cabinets and doors, work in harmony with European, Colonial and Federal exteriors. The detailed depth and simple elegance of the raised panel blinds give a bold decorative look. However, their original purpose was exclusively for privacy and protection, which is why they were historically placed only on the first floor of houses. Today, you can see homes using raised panel and louver styles on a variety of floors.

Shutters: Shutters, an arrangement of overlapping slats originally designed to control light, let air in, and keep rain out, are the most popular style of shutters, typically used outdoors for a vintage look. Venetian blinds and combination blinds (both louvered and paneled) are suitable for most house styles.

If you want the exterior blinds to have an authentic look, make sure they match the window openings. Blinds should be sized and shaped to cover the window opening when closed. Appropriately sized functional blinds fold tightly between exterior window sills, leaving a narrow gap at the perimeter. Decorative blinds should maintain the same proportions. While it’s common to see a tall, narrow shutter next to a huge picture window, the look lacks authenticity and character.

Choose blinds that are the same size and shape as the window. Frame rounded windows with arched shutters and highlight rectangular or square windows with flat shutters. If the blinds have dividing rails, they should be aligned with the window sashes.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas For A Stylish Home

For a touch of more authenticity and charm, add hardware such as strap and pin hinges or shutter clips (parts designed to hold the shutters open against the house). You can even find ones made of vinyl with a wrought iron look.

Traditional wooden shutters: they have an authentic charm, but unless they are expensively coated, after a few years, rotting, splitting and peeling paint will be a never-ending chore – especially if you have a lot of window shutters to save. Occasionally you’ll see shutters that fall off or are missing a few slats – you can be sure they’re made of wood. If the house is in constant shade, it can be difficult for the wood to dry properly after rainfall, which can cause decay. Also, bushes

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