Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room – Store-bought double curtain rods can be expensive. Save money and make your own using metal pipes, flanges and elbows. They are very strong and bring a high dose of style to industrial or modern decor.

Determine the height of the rod by attaching a close nipple to the floor flange. Hold the floor flange firmly against the wall while holding the curtain over the warp nipple. Move the curtains up or down on the outside to hang about 1/2 inch off the floor. Place the curtains aside while maintaining the position of the flange on the floor. Mark the floor flange holes with a marker.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Use a hammer to hammer the awl into the wall at each marked spot. Tap long enough to determine if there is a wall stud. Add drywall anchors to any spots where there are no wall studs.

Embroidered Double Layer Floral 2 Pack Window Curtain Rod Pocket Panels

Place the pieces in order on a flat surface. Fasten the pieces together in the following order: floor flange, close nipple, tee, close nipple, elbow. Repeat for the other side.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Attach one end of the wall assembly to the wall where the signs were made with a 1-1/2″ screw. Place the pipe inside that side. Determine the number of curtain clips needed for the force panel. Set the number of clips to 1. / 2″ pipe. Connect the open end of the hose to the tee on the other end assembly.

Lift the other end assembly up and press firmly against the wall. Use a level to make sure the pipe is 1/2″ level. Make marks on the wall with a marker in the floor flange holes. Lower the pipes and use an awl and hammer to determine if they are wall studs or drywall anchors. As needed. Raise the pipes again and Attach the flange to the wall with 1-1/2″ screws.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

How To Hang Curtains: An Easy 4 Step Guide (plus Styling Tips)

Screw the 3/4″ pipe into the first assembly by hand as far as it will go. Attach the curtain to the rod and then screw the other end into the elbow of the other end assembly about halfway in.

Give simple window treatments the ultimate wow factor – the designer way – by adding a dash of decorative tape to a pre-made drapery panel; No sewing machine (or designer) required.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Give white dresser panels a fun makeover with oversized stencils and budget-friendly acrylic craft paint to look like you’ve splurged—when you’ve actually saved.

Wish you could change transparent glass to opaque glass? Whether it’s for privacy or style, or whether you’re a homeowner or renter and whatever your budget, we’ve got ideas, tips and product recommendations to help us do just that.

Most art forms a string of pictures or shapes; This technique does the opposite by outlining the silhouette instead. Try these easy and inexpensive crafts to add a punch of personality to your walls.

Who says DIY crafts can’t be sophisticated? Give your home a modern look with this gorgeous piece of art that you can make in minutes.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

The Best Luxury For Less Amazon Curtains, Rods, And Shades

Liven up your bar or coffee table with these art-deco-inspired trays that you can DIY in minutes.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show off your floral arrangement skills to holiday guests. It’s easy to create an impressive focal point by mixing fresh flowers, artificial greenery and seasonal fruits. Since some of the greens used are synthetic, pieces of this arrangement can be reused and recreated over and over again.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Learn how to upcycle old doors into industrial-style window shutters inspired by the look of old warehouse doors. As editors, we independently select and write about things we love and think you will love too. If you buy a product recommended by us, we may receive an affiliate commission, which supports our work.

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As a child, you may have draped curtains in your living room while playing with toys, not knowing the ins and outs of window treatments. But now that you’re an adult, you might wonder why no one prepared you for the many choices and decisions you had to make about things that were once so simple. Do you need pinch-plate drapes or grommet curtains? Berries or blackouts? Tension rod or double rod? Too much to think about, and you don’t have it

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

To help turn curtain confusion into window covering knowledge, we’ve created a quick guide to the different types of curtains, curtain rods and curtain styles. Think of it as curtains 101, minus the boring homework. Scroll down to learn more about window coverings and get some shopping ideas from Bed Bath & Beyond. Before you know it, your windows will be gorgeous and you’ll be a conscious outfit.

First things first: Curtains are almost always hung in pairs, but are often sold individually. (Check twice before tapping “Add to Cart”) Most of the time, lined curtains will feel more luxurious and block out more light, allowing the curtain color or pattern to stand out more in your home. You’ll also want to consider how your curtains hang from the panel rod. For example, traditional pinch-pleat drapes have had a mid-century modern revival—they look neater and a little more formal. Some panels, like the B&Willow 84-inch Textured Solid Textured Rod Pocket / Back Tab Panel ($28), provide options for rod pockets or back tabs, allowing you to scrunch the top (or not) as you see fit. And then there are grommet curtains with metal rings, which complement modern and contemporary decor.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Extra Long Curtain Rod Ideas That You Can Make!

If you want your room to be dark—like “Dracula could snooze an afternoon here” dark—you’ll need blackout curtains. Popular with parents who just want baby to sleep early, this style of curtain usually has a light-blocking liner that darkens the room considerably. A good blackout curtain like the Sun Zero Evelina 95-inch Backing Tab Curtain ($21) will also reduce noise and help keep your room cool or warm (depending on the season) by insulating it from heat or cold.

Shades are exactly what they sound like: curtains that let in light but still protect your privacy. Some people prefer them alone for an airy look, while others prefer to place them under heavier panels. (More on this later.) If you’re interested, this Wamsuta Cotton Sheer Voile Panel ($12) is on clearance for a great price.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Cafe curtains, aka tiered curtains, are often used in bathrooms and kitchens. The idea is to create privacy and allow some visibility. They are located on the lower half of the window, have two panels on one rod, and are good for a more casual farmhouse or traditional style. Like other curtains, there are different ways to hang them; Curtain clips have great appeal, and the tab tops on the Bee and Willow Tie Top Linen Curtain Set ($35) slide easily over the rod but look carefully knotted.

Greyleigh™ Adjustable Double Curtain Rod & Reviews

A valance scarf is a window treatment that, as the name suggests, can be fixed to a curtain rod, allowing for the rest of your curtains (and often concealing the hardware as well). They’re quite a traditional — some might say old-fashioned — look, but you have to admit, this Crushed Voile Sheer Scarf Valance ($30) has a distinctly boho-chic vibe. Side note: Valances are often confused with pelmets, which are boxier and more structured.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

The most common way to hang curtains is with a single curtain rod. They come in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, as seen in this Umbra Cappa Adjustable Curtain Rod ($40). They should hang above – not parallel to – the highest part of the window. If you have a high ceiling, you can place the rod closer to the ceiling so you can choose longer curtains and make the whole room feel bigger.

Double curtain rods, like the Cambria Premier Fully Adjustable Double Curtain Rod ($80), allow you to create a layered look with your window treatments. The inner rod usually has a sheer membrane or light filter, while the outer rod has a light-blocking membrane.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

Trending Living Room Curtain Ideas

If you can’t — or don’t want to — install a full curtain rod, tension rods can be an affordable alternative. Tension rods like these Oval Spring Tension Curtain Rods ($10-$13) adjust to accommodate different window sizes, then lock into place with the turn of a screwdriver. Because they don’t require holes, they’re great for renters who don’t want to lose their security deposit. The only downside? Tension rods are best for light window treatments – heavier ones will pull them down.

Top webs are decorative accents that screw to the end of the curtain rod. They’re optional, of course, but sometimes they can be finishes you didn’t know your room needed. Cambria Estate Normandy Square Finials ($100) have an unapologetic glamor that would work well with Hollywood Regency style.

Double Rod Curtain Ideas For Living Room

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