Door Ideas For Narrow Spaces

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Door Ideas For Narrow Spaces

Door Ideas For Narrow Spaces

Pantry doors are often hidden in kitchens, hidden in odd corners and rarely thought about. But instead of being an afterthought, what if the pantry door looked just as good as the rest of your kitchen? Maybe it’s time to change your pantry. Read on to see 21 of our favorite pantry door ideas.

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Barn doors are an easy-to-install pantry door option that doesn’t take up a lot of valuable kitchen space. They are perfect for narrow pantries or cottage or farmhouse style kitchens. But if you’re looking for an option that’s not too shabby chic, choose a less ornate, minimalist barn door.

For extraordinary pantry doors, use low-key options like barn doors or pocket doors. These slim doors are great for busy hallways or corridors. To make the door stand out, add stylish hardware that matches the rest of your kitchen.

A favorite of craftsmen everywhere, pocket doors are the ideal small space solution for tight corners. Sturdy and simple, this door works with almost any kitchen style, making it the perfect choice for a pantry.

Glass doors are a great middle ground between a solid door and lack thereof. You can still see the contents of the pantry inside, but it’s not

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Looking for something with a more contemporary look than glass? Try frosted glass. Frosted glass can blend in with the rest of your kitchen and give your pantry a modern and minimalist look.

Of course, you can always do without the storage door altogether for a more open pantry look. For the best look, make sure the inside of your pantry is stylish and organized, and consider painting your pantry shelves the same color as your closet.

To make this (lack of) pantry door stand out even more, add additional trim around the door for a more defined feature.

Door Ideas For Narrow Spaces

A unique pantry door look can be found in solid black doors that offer as much shine as flexibility. Black pantry doors can fit in almost any kitchen, plus they easily hide stains and dirt.

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If your kitchen is on a higher level and competing for space with your attic or roof, get creative with pantry doors. You don’t have to use a full length door, especially if your pantry is not an entryway. Instead, choose a shorter door that fits better in the already tight space.

Looking for an easy upgrade to your existing pantry door? All you have to do is buy new hardware. Choose a door handle that complements your existing kitchen hardware and don’t be afraid to splurge on something a little more fun – create style where it counts.

Unfinished (or barely finished) pine or oak can create a beautifully rustic pantry door. This style is an easy choice if you are looking for pantry doors for your French Country or Hygge kitchen, and can easily be painted later if you want a different look.

Another standout pantry door look? The one built into the kitchen cabinet. Offering a seamless, visually interesting look, built-in pantry doors are a great choice for smaller pantries and kitchens that need a more creative approach to space.

Magical Pocket Doors For Your Small Space

The outside of the pantry door may be ready to go, but don’t forget to use the inside as well. The inside of your pantry door is a great place for some narrow shelves for bottles, jars and cans, or it can be used to store cleaning supplies or extra dishes.

Go one step further than chrome and steel door handles – try glass. This fun old-school hardware brings a unique touch to an often forgotten area of ​​the kitchen. Pair them with brass accents for best effect.

For a sleek, on-trend look, choose tall and narrow pantry doors with glass panels. This colorful door is a kitchen feature in itself and is a great way to display wallpaper or colorful shelves in the pantry interior.

Door Ideas For Narrow Spaces

Another unique pantry door idea is the rounded one. Round doors bring an elegant, vintage style, and their circular shape makes them stand out in a room full of rectangles and squares.

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Dark colors will not help an already small and cramped kitchen. In tight spaces like this, it’s best to use light and airy colors, and pantry doors are no exception. For pantry doors in a small room, use wood that is barely stained or has a lighter shade.

If you want a pantry for your room but don’t have one, try a freestanding pantry. Whether built or purchased, these storage solutions provide style and space for a room that increasingly needs more of both.

If you’re looking for a unique pantry door, hit the flea market or antique store! Antique or historic doors are a great choice for storage, especially if they are covered in ornate details or worn in all the right places.

Sometimes a simple white pantry door is all your room really needs, especially if it’s already relatively small or visually busy. But to keep it looking its best, keep it smooth and clean and give it a fresh coat of paint every few years.

Smart Pocket Door Ideas With Pros And Cons

Looking for a pantry door for a small room that can also display the contents of your pantry? Try pocket french doors. These entry and exit doors have signature French door glass panels that don’t take up much space.

Another great way to show off your pantry door is to frame it with wide, colorful trim. Paint the decorations in a similar shade to the wall color and you will have the perfect vintage look. Do you have a problem with the door in your house? You know, the kind of problem where you have a small room and opening the door (or out) of that small room requires some awkward maneuvers? I love that we have an attached bathroom in our bedroom, but it’s a pretty small space to walk in, and opening the door to an already small space has been frustrating since day one of living there. My mother suggested when we moved in that I solve the problem with some sort of sliding door, but I didn’t know what it would look like. And it sounded expensive with all the other renovations we wanted to do.

I continued to wonder about the door situation until I saw the sliding barn doors we installed in the studio to solve a similar problem. The problem with that door was that it actually swung outward and jammed into the living room when it was open (as you can see in the before and after pictures above). So unusual. A door that slides instead of swinging made a lot of sense and doesn’t take up space in a small bathroom or kitchen. Problem solved!

Door Ideas For Narrow Spaces

When I saw that the problem in the studio was immediately solved with the new door configuration, I knew it was the perfect setup to solve my door problem as well. Now, another door solution for small spaces is pocket doors, but they slide inside the wall, not on top of the wall. So they are much more expensive because you need a contractor to open and install the wall. I wanted to use the hardware we used on the studio door, but I also needed an actual door to hang the hardware on (duh!). The simple ones I like were around $400. Too much. So I recruited Josh to make a door I designed with a vertical and horizontal stripe pattern, and sure enough, he nailed it and did it for a lot less! Tell us your secret door, Josh!

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Hey! Josh here. The real secret to making these doors is that they are so easy and cheap to make. Doors that look similar can cost up to $800-1000 (I emphasize the looks because some materials are more expensive on their own.) This door is about $80!

The first thing we did was make a plan, which is a good place to start. Laura’s door was quite narrow, so the door ended up being only 29 inches wide and 93 inches tall. The door was wide enough to cover both sides of the molding when closed (by design.) Don’t forget you can change your opening to fit the space!

After we created a plan, it was time to cut the wood (or saw, as I’ve heard the old timers refer to woodworking). I cut the plywood to the size we needed (29″ x 93″). To get the amount of boards to the size we needed, I had to rip them to 3 1/4″ wide. After everything was ripped, I cut them to the required length and then sanded them.

After all

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