Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces – These DIY shoe storage ideas are so inspiring! Be sure to check out the full tutorial for each one that catches your eye!

Shoes are one of the things that I feel can quickly get out of hand in my home. I see at least a few of them scattered around at different times, wrong and incoherent.

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

And since I want to keep them all in a spare room one day, I live in a small house, where I always feel like I don’t have enough space to put them on method.

Creative Diy Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

After thinking about this problem for a bit, I decided to find a solution. And I’m happy to say that I’ve scoured Pinterest and collected some great shoe organizer ideas for small spaces!

If you’ve had a good shoe fight, I suggest you first try to identify problem areas in your home where shoes tend to build up.

Then, once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and make one of these amazing DIY shoe storage solutions!

1. DIY shoe rack made out of copper piping. This project can turn any corner of your home into a stylish yet functional place to store your shoes!

Bathroom Storage Solutions

2. Empty paint cans are placed into industrial grade shoe holders. They are the perfect size for flip flops. And, as Joanna from Crafty Nester mentioned in her post, they’re also great for keeping gloves in the winter!

3. DIY farmhouse style shoe rack made from wooden crates. This rustic shoe rack can be a functional way to organize your entryway, and you can even customize it to fit all kinds of shoes!

4. Refurbished shoe storage skate shelf. This is a great way to give new life to old or worn skateboards you may have lying around.

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

5. Rent-friendly DIY tension rod shoe rack. This super simple shoe organization solution is perfect if you’re a renter and don’t want to mess up your walls.

Clever Diy Shoe Storage Ideas

6. DIY shoe storage with a wooden peg rack. A peg rack is the easiest way to keep your shoes organized and off the floor.

7. DIY Custom Shoe Hangers. These cute and easy to make shoe racks work well for organizing and displaying ballet flats and shoes.

I’m glad you’re here! Have we officially met? My name is Medina and I am an IKEA-loving-Upcycling-junkie, DIY-passionate-home-decor-crazy- renter, mother and wife. A kiss huh?

Sweet Home Rentals is out now – to buy, read, review! It can be found in all local bookshops such as Waterstones, WHSmith, Foyles if you are in the UK. If you happen to pick up a copy (which I would definitely appreciate), leave me a review! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @grillodesigns This year, many people are at home – waiting for the madness in the world to end! And when you are at home, it is very easy to look around and realize that some things need to be organized.

Small Space Living Ideas

Clutter can drive you crazy! So it’s good to learn simple and easy ways to organize your home – you can organize your playroom, kitchen, sink, bathroom and more with these 15+ DIY storage and organization hacks for small spaces.

There are tons of easy DIY projects on this list, plus hacks you’ll never think of! This way, you can control the waste and breathe a little easier in your home.

Let’s start with the worst of the worst…the playroom! Children are tired! They can change rooms and get toys everywhere.

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

I provided some simple organization hacks to get your kid’s toys in order – these simple hacks will make your life a little easier 😉

Clever Small Space Storage Ideas

Even if you don’t do Montessori methods with your little ones, you’ll still love this shelf. I use this to keep my daughter’s toys in order – and it’s perfect for teaching them to clean up after playing! It’s so easy to make and looks great in any room!

If you start cleaning and organizing the playroom, you will start to notice that the closet can start to become a mess when you put the toys away! That’s why I’m showing you how to put away toys efficiently and easily!

This next one is perfect for fun loving kids! This easy to make football storage rack is a great addition to your playroom or can be made for the garage.

It can also be used to store endless plush toys and stuffed animals that your kids love!

Diy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

This next cut is awesome! Lynette, from Cleverly Simple, is very clever with her bathroom toy organizer. She uses a compression rod and dollar store baskets to create the perfect solution for your baby’s bath toys!

The following hack is by Shawna, from Hometalk, which teaches you another way to use the compression rod to keep things organized! Simply place it under your sink to hang bottles and create space for other items.

You’ve learned how to organize your bathroom and kitchen—but another kitchen organization hack is this beautiful wooden produce storage rack!

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

I show you how to make this produce rack – and it’s only $10 to make! You can find similar product racks for $89! You can save money, organize your kitchen, and add a beautiful piece of furniture as a decorative accessory with this DIY project.

Sewing Room Ideas For Small Spaces

This next hack is the perfect solution for your coffee mug collection! You can never pack coffee beans because of their handles – so they can take up space in your pantry. This DIY organizer project was taught by Amy, from Pennywise Cook.

Another awesome hack are these drawer dividers by Jen at IHeart Organizing. She shows you how to turn food containers into cute dividers to keep your pantry organized!

You can get creative with this project – and use these dividers for boxes in every room of your house 🙂

This is another awesome hack from Jen at IHeart Organizing. It shows you how to use pegboard to organize your artwork and art room.

Ingenious Storage Ideas For Under The Stairs

Arts and crafts aren’t the only thing that needs organizing. What about jewelry? Jewelry can be a mess if you don’t take care of it properly! Have you ever had to remove a chain link that tied it all together?

You’ll never have to worry about that happening again with this beautiful jewelry organizer by Marty from Marty’s Musings. It shows you how to turn a decorative group into a home decoration!

Everyone has that closet that holds everything in it! And when you start organizing the rest of your home, it will be tempting to throw even more things into that closet.

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

But I’ll be showing you how to organize your closet so it’s manageable with simple tips and tricks.

Stylish Wall Storage Ideas For Your Home

One of the things I recommend for organizing a closet is these wooden shelf dividers. These are very easy to make and will help you organize small spaces very well.

They help you be able to stack the top items in your closet without worrying about them tipping over—an awesome hack for anyone looking to organize their home.

Another way to keep your home organized is by making an entryway organizer shelf! This will prevent you from losing your keys or wallet – while still decorating your home.

We went to one of my favorite rooms in the house – the garage! This is where I do all my DIY magic!

Diy Shoe Storage Ideas You’ll Want To Make Today • K4 Craft

And garage storage can be a real problem! That’s why Family Handyman teaches you this garage door opener storage shed!

This last organizational hack is great for garage storage. I show you how to make simple garage shelves for very cheap! These shelves cost literally $40 in wood – it doesn’t get much better than that!

I use them to store Christmas decorations and other seasonal items when not in use. Get rid of those garage chips with these shelves!

Diy Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Well, that’s it! There are several easy DIY projects to keep your home organized.

Storage Ideas For Small Closets

You don’t have to live in a dirty house! Now you know fun ways to put things away and get things in order. Plus, your kids can learn to clean up after themselves – after you organize their playroom and show them where things go!

What do you think of all these groups and storage facilities? Which of these is your favorite? Leave me a comment below, don’t be a stranger, and remember I’m here to help you along the way with any of your DIY needs! 😀

Follow me on Instagram @. I try to post my progress stories and behind the scenes for all my projects. As housing trends shift to smaller and more compact homes, it’s getting harder to sell everything in the closet or basement. Sure, tiny houses are beautiful and efficient, but where do you put all your stuff? The base is good, but for the thing you can’t stand it

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