Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

They say the eyes are the window to the soul If so, are we willing to believe that windows are the eyes of the house, and don’t they deserve something to help them stand out?

Natural Burlap Curtain Panel With Pom Pom Trim/ Country

Window treatments may be a concern for some, but it shouldn’t be; After all, what better ability to transform a space than a spectacular view or a flood of midnight light? Not much. So, naturally, the way you dress your windows is important

It’s not always easy to know what a space needs from its window treatments It combines a calculation of directional lighting that evolves throughout the day, depending on the type of functions and level of formality required in the room, but when the right solution is chosen, it can really sing any decoration scheme.

Read on for some of our favorite window treatment ideas to transform your home, regardless of style

If you love pattern but are worried about mixing and matching your window treatments, just pay attention to scale. Mixing patterns with different sizes of repeats, like this wall treatment and dreamy tone mix, is an easy way to avoid mixing patterns too much.

Comprehensive Curtains And Window Treatments Guide

However, there are exceptions to the rule, which are spaces that show that patterns of the same scale can coexist peacefully. The water drop motif of this wallpaper is echoed by the concentric circles of these screens, but not quite. Photo-negative color schemes help achieve the effect by creating a bold yet irresistible look.

Clip-on curtain rings get an unnecessarily bad rap, but we’re all for bringing them back. Window treatments are not only easy to hang, wash or change, they also give your space a cozy feel, ideal if you’re working with a completely unfinished fabric like linen or raw silk.

Another way to interact with curtains in sophisticated shades: create a cohesive background for your furniture by combining the material with a cohesive neutral color.

Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

Aren’t the windows the same height? Don’t worry “fake” a false height by raising the shadows a little higher; Be sure to order the shade with just the outer bracket to raise the curtain rod slightly compared to the one sitting in the window, or as needed.

Make Your Small Living Room Chic With These Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking to add drama and add dramatic length to your room’s focal point, there’s no better way than to dress your window profile with full-length curtains.

Buck conventional wisdom and hang curtains below the ceiling or cornice, and opt for floor-scraping curtains to create the effect of large windows.

On-screen relationships were big in the last few decades and are making a comeback Today’s new relationships look nothing like the ones you remember from the 90s By using textural elements like artisan tassels instead of the more formal and shabby options of the past, these ties remind us that every accent in a room is an opportunity to create something unique. and playful touch

French doors also deserve a bit of drama Gossamer curtains are the perfect element for these stunning portals – we can only imagine them gently swaying in the breeze on a summer night.

Types Of Bedroom Window Treatments And How To Choose One

One of our favorite ways to add a personal touch to window treatments is to incorporate some DIY texture in the form of unique trim. Choosing the right curtains for your space can be difficult, and if you love a particular fabric but are looking for something a little more personalized, taking it into your own hands might be just the ticket.

Several online sources can now bring an impressive selection of clippings from New York’s Garment District straight to your laptop.

Blinds, curtains, why not both? We’re seeing more and more designers opt for this unique punch in their designs, and it’s easy to see why. Shades add a touch of texture and provide homeowners with as much privacy as possible, while floor-length curtains add drama and beautifully frame the windows.

Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

The result is a mix of classic and modern, formal and informal, and is ready for today’s homes.

Cornices Are Known Legends In The Window Treatments….

Spaces with round bay windows can present a challenge for window treatment, which is often solved by installing curtain panels on both sides. But if full coverage is what you’re looking for, you may need a more customized solution in the form of an arcade curtain rod.

When it comes to beautification and instant effects, there is no better option, and we will be surprised if we don’t achieve this direction in the coming months.

Nautical blinds are a great way to add a touch of textile appeal to your space They feel a little boho and beachy, but still tailored and cropped enough to keep things sharp.

We love how these blinds mimic the wall treatment in this space with subtle horizontal transitions Fitting them with “inside mounts” to these windows gives architectural windows a chance to really shine

Beauty Of Custom Drapery

You can always match your shade to your curtains, but why not use these elements to add some variation? These dark shades draw attention to the impressive ceiling beams, while neutral mid-tone curtains make the space feel airy and accessible.

We’re big fans of frosted windows in bathrooms, but we have to admit, there’s something charming about the warm glow these shades give off. And with a view like this, you won’t want to miss it

Choose a warm-toned wood or fabric for your blinds to create an equally flattering and inviting light source in your bathroom.

Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

Even those without a pattern can get behind this brilliant eatery If you’ve chosen bold rugs and furniture, fear not: window treatments are actually a great place to incorporate prints.

How To Design Your Living Room Around Window Treatments

Because they’re easy to change over time, they’re relatively low-risk to experiment with, and can also be real estate for trying an unexpected accent color like the terra cotta shade shown here.

Alternatively, some crisp, clean white screens are always called for Even in a predominantly neutral space like this, long flowing bands of white fabric give a light breeze and a fresh, airy feel to the room.

Exposed brick itself looks like a pattern, especially if it’s a classic red-brown block with wide white mortar. But, that’s no reason to avoid patterns, as this experiential space proves.

A leafy tropical print adds a definite contrast to the brick red It’s an effect we’re not sure about on paper, but in practice it works perfectly, and we love it.

How To Update Curtains Or Drapes

Raise your hand if you love your wall color When you find something that works, embrace it and find ways to approach it repeatedly in different applications

Choosing a window treatment that matches your wall color is a stylish and sophisticated way to create a cohesive backdrop for your favorite furniture. And as seen here, it can be both shocking and depressing when done right

Most shadows, by necessity, will have a horizontal line pattern It’s subtle, but it’s something you can play with as part of your design scheme if you know where to look. Use this rare stripe to your advantage

Curtain Ideas For Small Living Room Windows

In this space, they intersect with the vertical trim of this clean white accent wall to create a small interaction that again mimics striped pillows and light bookcases.

Small Wall Design Ideas: How To Decorate That Sliver Of Wall

“Cafe curtains,” or small curtains that hang halfway over the windows, aren’t just for your favorite coffee shop In the bathroom, they are an excellent alternative to a frosted window to allow some privacy but also let in light, and elsewhere in the home, they are equally useful.

Try a bold patterned fabric like the one seen here, as you’ll need less guard with a full-length curtain.

We finally have the classic “printed or pure?” Got the answer to Screenplay: Both Sheer patterned curtains feel distinctly modern, even with the timeless gingham seen here And best of all, because they seem to melt into the window light, they’re an easy way to incorporate strong patterns, dark colors or bold lines without overpowering a space.

We’re big fans of the high-contrast look Small touches make a room feel more inviting, so of course we love these window treatments The look combines black window frames with slate and dust curtains, finished with a smart tie.

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